How to select the right travel bag for all purposes?


The most convenient size of carry on luggage is 22″. This is the standard size for the majority of airplanes. Such bag size will perfectly fit into the overhear department during most flights. Also, this bag size has to be enough for clothes and shoes for a trip. To avoid having any kind of complications while traveling, it is recommended to keep the bag in its tightest size and not expand it, otherwise, it can be classified as oversized.


It would be smart if you purchase a carry on bag with four wheels. Why? A wide choice of bags provide two wheels, however, pulling and tugging such a bag is inconvenient plus it ruins the bag. Four wheels will provide maximum comfort during a trip. You have a choice to push a bag upright or pull it.


Usually, a carry on bag is featured with side handles for lifting, and a pull up handle to push and pull a bag. When selecting a carry on bag, make sure that a telescopic handle is long enough, so you do not have to bend to push or pull a bag. So, the right handle length is another thing that makes a trip convenient.


If you have been using a bag with an external flap and want to find a more convenient model, then look for one that reminds of a sandwich. Such a model provides two halves, therefore, two departments for better clothes, shoes, and other personal belongings organization. This way, you will find a necessary item quicker without making a mess in your bag.


There is a wide choice of bags made of hard and soft fabrics. If you want to stuff your bag with a maximum number of clothes, then select a one that is made of a soft fabric. A carry on bag that is made of hard materials looks more luxurious. Also, bags that are made of hard materials are difficult to damage. No matter your preference, make sure your bag is the right size and has enough compartments for a convenient space organization.


Away Luggage is a new brand that offers carry on luggage with built-in charging ports. Therefore, you can charge your device without worrying about a socket during a trip. This is another feature to think about before you pick the right carry on luggage.

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